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Mechanical Services

Tailshaft, Propeller & Rudder works

fixed pitch propeller, cpp propeller, vsp propeller works, Hanging balance and semi balance rudders works, all type of steering gear works

Thruster works

Aqua master, Azimuth thruster, Deck rex pillars, Bow thruster

Punp works

Centrifugal, Screw, Gear, Ballast, Multistage and Submersible and Cargo pump works

Gear Boxes

Propulsion, Dredging pump, Winch, Cargo pump, Clutches(Pnematic/Machanical/Hydraulic)

Deck Machinery/Hydraulic Equipments

Mooring winch, Anchor winch, Towing winch All type of deck rollers, Crane works

Valves&Collers works

Servicing of all type of valves and coolers

Hydralic Services

Piping Services

Alignement & Milling Works