Marine Equipment services


MR Marine is Specialised
In Marine Equipment Services

With the wealth knowledge of marine equipments, we provide in demand services to both local and overseas companies.

  • Tailshaft, Propeller & Rudder works
    Fixed pitch propeller, cpp propeller, vsp propeller works, Hanging balance and semibalance rudders works, all type of steering gear works

  • Thruster works
    Aqua master, Azimuth thruster, Deck rex pillars, Bow thruster

  • Pump works
    Centrifugal, Screw, Gear, Ballast, Multistage and Submersible and Cargo pump works

  • Gear Boxes
    Propulsion, Dredging pump, Winch, Cargo pump, Clutches(Pnematic/Machanical/Hydraulic)

  • Valves & Collers works
    Servicing of all type of valves and coolers

  • Deck Machinery/Hydraulic Equipments
    Mooring winch, Anchor winch, Towing winch All type of deck rollers, Crane works

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